Legenday Mesquite Resources

About us

 Legendary Mesquite Resources, Inc.  is your one-stop supplier for mesquite lumber and mesquite products. 

Backed by our
satisfaction guarantee, our mesquite is the finest available, and we are stocked and priced to sell.  Current research on price and availability has revealed that mesquite lumber in any formidable size from a supplier is upwards of $16-$20 per board foot, if it is even stocked and available!  Try getting enough material do a substantial job;  a 500 sq. ft. floor, a full kitchen, or a home full of solid mesquite doors.  We have that. We have much more in stock.  And we have more in transit, on its way, to ensure our stock is always plentiful and vast.  In fact, we are doing jobs of all of those sorts right now, and have plenty ready to deliver to you.  We promise a constant, replenishing supply. 

  • Huge slabs in stock and available, 22”-26” wide, 6’-8’ lengths average.
  •  Thickness stocked rough-sawn in 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”, cut all 4 sides, clean and useable dimensional lumber. 
  • Live or natural edges, w/ sapwood and bark also stocked, stacked to the ceiling!
  •  Book-matched slabs? Of course! How many sets do you need?
  •  Cutting, straight-edging and planing services available. 
  • Flooring available. 
  • Place your order for one-of a kind, custom cabinets, doors or furniture. Pick up a beautiful turned bowl, mirror or picture frame.  If it can be made, we can do that for you.
  • Kiln dried between 7-12% moisture content, ready to put into production. 
  • It is certified fumigated and pest-free. 
  • Superbly finished, completed and even installed by well-qualified craftsmen with years of experience, create and complete with confidence.  

     Lumber prices range from$8.00 per board foot to $14.50 per board foot, depending on the lengths of selected material and the quantity you purchase.  Retail, wholesale and distributor pricing all available.  Of course, delivery is also available. Upsell to mesquite, we can supply any demand, any order. 


     We take pride in our mesquite.  We believe in it. Legendary Mesquite Resources, Inc., we are setting the new standard. Let us take care of you. We deliver what no one can.

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